Reflections on choices in pandemic

Hi everyone. I’m in New York City in the thick of this pandemic. Here are my reflections:

We’re all feeling stressed and un-empowered right now. It’s because we lost so many of our everyday choices, which we took for granted. We lost the ability to connect with others, which was so much of our everyday lives, and we are all afraid of the unknown–Who will be next? Will it be me or somebody I know and love?

This is a great moment for us to reflect upon the power of choice. It is in these times when we feel the scarcity of choice that we pause and realize how much choice really matters to us–how much it matters to me that I can go to my local restaurant or meet up with friends. It is also a moment where we can discover not only which choices are, more or less, meaningful to us but how we can consider creating new choices. What are new things that I can add to my life in this time of scarcity? Maybe I can learn something new, like how to cook or how to enjoy solitude and a myriad of other things.

When we look back upon this moment in our lives, let’s remember what we learned about ourselves, what choices we created for ourselves during this time that end up sticking with us.


Sheena on Thinkers 50